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Édité par Yasuaki Matsumoto et Masayuki Towata, le catalogue Out of place 2011 est paru. Outre des documents sur les œuvres exposées (Boissier/Leccia/Wilmouth), il publie un texte introductif par Hiroshi Yoshioka, philosophe, professeur à l’université de Kyoto.

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Le texte de Hiroshi Yoshioka (version anglaise) :

The Art of Being Out of Place | Hiroshi Yoshioka

The Daikakuji of Daitakuji Temple in Kyoto, the venue for Out of Place 2011, may be translated literally the temple of great enlightenment or great awakening. The Buddhist sense of reaching enlightenment, of entering a state where you are freed finally from all worldly passions or sufferings (allegorically, freed from the cycle of endless reincarnation), often has been compared to the process of awakening. This means that most of us, as long as our mind is attached to daily affairs, may be understood to be lingering in a state of sleep. We may be walking around, desiring, competing, fighting for things which can never be our own, rejoicing, lamenting, and foolishly believing we are fully awake, but in fact, we all are asleep. Lire la suite »